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Balmer fireplace overmantels are made of non-combustible, glass fibre reinforced Gypsum cement or our exclusive, ThinCast Stone cement.
Overmantels are designed for use with each of the 6 Castle Series fireplace mantels.

ThinCast Stone Overmantels
Balmer ThinCast Stone overmantels provide the texture and colour of stone. ThinCast Stone overmantels are factory sealed.

Gypsum Cement Overmantels
Balmer Gypsum Cement overmantels are glass fibre reinforced to provide durability during shipment and installation. Gypsum cement overmantels have a natural white finish.

Click any overmantel below to view a larger image, get more details or see a dimensioned drawing.
4131 Gypsum Cement Overmantel 4132-TC ThinCast Stone Overmantel Click Here for Large Image4156-TC ThinCast Beam
Panel Inserts
Click Here for Large Image4133 Gypsum Cement Overmantel Click Here for Large Image4134-TC ThinCast Stone Overmantel Click Here for Large Image4155-TC ThinCast Arched
Panel Inserts

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