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BALMER Fireplace MANTELS, Mantel Surrounds and Fireplace Overmantel Designs

Fireplace MANTELS are an age-old art form that has recently experienced a new surge in popularity. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our cast Fireplace MANTELS are also highly functional and cost effective. Artists, craftsmen, and technicians work together to create Fireplace MANTELS that are elegant, durable, and stunning! Balmer Fireplace MANTELS can be used in a wide variety of applications and are designed to fit multiple firebox sizes for ease of installation. Although fireplace mantels can be built with any number of materials, Balmer's proprietary casting materials provide MANTELS of superior finish and endurance to excess heat. Our designs can be ornately carved with columns and patterns, or they can be of clean lines...either of classic or modern architectural elements. Whatever your design aesthetic, a Balmer fireplace MANTEL makes a great addition to your room as well as being the heart of the home.

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